Scope of Exhibits


Chassis Design, Development & Trial-manufacture Engineering

Reverse design/structural design/CAE analysis/lightweight design/electrification design/suspension system/steering system/braking  system/transmission system design/development engineering/trial-manufacture engineering; 

Chassis New Material Application Engineering

Aluminum alloy /engineering plastic / magnesium alloy / titanium alloy / composite material / high strength steel / carbon fiber material; 

Chassis System Lightweight Engineering 

Laser welding of tailored blanks / internal high pressure forming / thermoforming / hydroforming / powder metallurgy forming /  foamed aluminum forming / 3D printing technology; 

Chassis Parts Manufacturing Process and Equipment

Chassis system parts metal cutting / stamping process / welding process / die casting process / casting process / coating process, etc. 

Assembly and Final Assembly Technology of Chassis Parts 

Engine assembly/transmission assembly/axle assembly/drive axle assembly/reducer assembly/transmission shaft assembly/frame  assembly/suspension assembly/tire assembly/steering gear assembly/brake; 

Assembly / motor assembly / battery assembly line, etc. 

Assembly line tightening technology / automatic test equipment / servo press fitting / robot gumming / AGV transport / logistics  system / catering system / MES system / electrical control system / three-dimensional storage; Assembly robot / machine vision / sensor / motor / transmission / mechanical drive;

Chassis Parts Measurement & Testing Technology 

Engine detection line / transmission detection line / axle detection line / drive axle detection line / reducer detection line / transmission shaft detection line / frame detection line / suspension detection line / tire detection line / steering gear detection line / brake  detection line / motor detection line/battery test line, etc.; Welding process inspection / machining process inspection / stamping process inspection / coating process inspection / die casting  process inspection / measuring instruments & tools / surface treatment / physical mechanics / material testing / metallographic analysis / device diagnostic monitoring/machine inspection; 

Robot integrated technology chassis application 

Welding robot integration / painting robot integration / stamping robot integration / automated loading & unloading robot integration  / polishing packaging robot integration / die casting robot integration / assembly robot integration, etc.; 

Chassis intelligence, electronization and electrification technology 

Chassis Drive-by-wire System / Auto Steering Technology / Adaptive Cruise Control System / ABS / ASR / ESP Integrated Control  System / Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC) / Park Assist System(PLA) / Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) / Adjustable  Damping Control System (ADC) / Lane Departure and Driving Warning System; 

Chassis system parts 

Chassis transmission system parts: clutch, transmission, transmission shaft, drive axle, main reducing gear, differential mechanism, semi-axle Chassis braking system parts: brake, brake master cylinder, vacuum booster, brake line, brake block, brake disc; Chassis steering system parts: steering gear, steering wheel, steering shaft, damper, knuckle, power-assisted steering pump, knuckle arm, pull rod Chassis driving system parts: frame, axle, suspension, tires, and wheels; 

Chassis system integration 

New energy vehicle chassis / car chassis / bus chassis / truck chassis / special vehicle chassis;