One-stop platform for chassis system design & development, manufacturing engineering technology and front trends
  • Design & Development Engineering

    Reverse design/structural design/CAE analysis/lightweight design/electrification design/suspension system/steering system/braking system/transmission system design/development engineering/trial-manufacture engineering;
  • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

    Chassis System Lightweight Engineering / Chassis system parts metal cutting / stamping process / welding process / die casting process / casting process / coating process / Intelligent Assembly and Final Assembly Technology / Testing Technology, etc.;
  • Chassis Trend Engineering

    Chassis electronic control technology/Automatic driving technology /Chassis Drive-by-wire System / Auto Steering Technology / Adaptive Cruise Control System / ABS / ASR / ESP Integrated Control System / Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC) / Park Assist System(PLA) / Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) / Adjustable Damping Control System (ADC) / Lane Departure and Driving Warning System;
  • Lean Product Engineering

    Chassis transmission system parts/ Chassis braking system parts/ Chassis steering system parts/ Chassis driving system parts/New energy vehicle chassis / car chassis / bus chassis / truck chassis / special vehicle chassis;
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